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stec folija
           Company LIO GROUP DOEEL Veles for 15 years has been in the production and distribution of hygiene product such as: toilet paper, salved, paper towel for hands and other paper products. In 2010 the company expanded its business by selling packaging materials and Palletizers as follows:
       - Stretch foils (hand and machine)
       - PP tapes for packaging
           - Stretch foil and duct tape primarily used for packaging pallets, especially for products that are transported. The main function of the stretch foil to protect products from dirt, moisture, and other factors that may contribute to damage to products during transport. It is very strong, reliable and economical.
stec folija
stec folija
           Stretch foil is extensible, transparent, waterproof and resistant to various damages as foreign Stretch foil is most used packaging material products during transport. Its main features are grand extensibility, high transparency, damage and its economy.